Top Secrets To Success

Top Secrets To Success
Top Secrets To Success

This article contains the top secrets to success for those who wish to be successful in life.

The root cause of poverty is a poor mindset. If one decides to be successful, he must first change the way he thinks. The only difference between the rich and poor is their mindset. Poor people blame others for their misfortunes. Rich people take 100% responsibility for their problems. Poor people have a slave soul; they just complain about their problems; rich people have a freedom soul, knowing every problem can be solved with determination and persistence. It is your mindset that determines whether you will be successful or unsuccessful.

This is a big lesson that people are poor because of what they know not necessarily because of lack of money. It is because of lack of skills for

  1. Making money
  2. Investing money
  3. Multiplying money.

It is more of what you can do with what you have. If you cannot manage $1,000, you can’t manage 5 Million Dollars.

Don’t Depend On Luck

Luck does not come to anyone. Action leads to luck. Luck is simply preparing yourself for opportunities. If you see an opportunity and refuse to take it, you won’t be lucky ever. It is a very wrong belief to think some people are lucky while others are not. Everyone is lucky if they choose to be lucky. Luck is a matter of choice.

Learn to create values; learn to solve problems. Be known for something. Be the best at something. Let your name become the problems you can solve for people. This is the secret to a successful life.

George S. Clason once said, “The soul of a free man looks at life as a series of problems to be solved and solves them while the soul of a slave whines.”

It is better to ask and think about this question to yourself. Do I have the soul of a free person, or do I have the soul of a slave? Am I learning and getting better at something to make me more valuable in the future? This is the only secret of an everlasting success.


It takes a lot of practice to be able to climb a mountain.

It involves falling, breaking your knees, and bleeding in pain. Then comes excellence. The same in business or skills.  Some people keep looking for money. You will never find money by looking for it. Money is not missing, but a lack of required skills is.

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What are you known for? What do you excel at? Can you come out and say, “This is me; I can do this the best” and show it? What problems can you comfortably solve for people?

Money is attracted to who you are not by chasing it. If you become a person of excellence with your skills, people will find you and pay you for solving their problems.

If your business is not growing, the problem is not with the business but with you. There are things you need to learn about that business because the same business you think is stagnant is doing well with another person.

So ensure you know your skills, keep practicing your skills, and keep learning. A bad driver will hit a tree; it does not make the car bad. A good driver will drive on the same road and get home safely.

Be The Best

What you need is to become the best at what you do. Don’t complain about things; find solutions by becoming the best. Don’t allow your time to be wasted without improving yourself. We become what we do daily.

The greatest enemy we have on Earth is the mind. The mind is also the greatest friend we have on Earth.  What you are today is what you have in your mind. Your mind is your kingdom; it either makes you successful or makes you a failure. Don’t blame anyone for your situation. Just keep educating yourself. Think about this wisdom: Oil will always assume the shape of the vessel carrying it.

Focus on something and become the best at it. Be resourceful; be an asset, not a liability. Your value depends on the problems you can solve. These are the secrets to success. Don’t play with this message. 

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