Michael Jackson – Biography

Michael Jackson – Biography
Michael Jackson – Biography

Read about the legendary Michael Jackson, some of his notable songs, and his awards.

Michael Jackson was an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. He was born on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana. Michael became a music sensation at a young age when he joined his family’s musical group, the Jackson 5.

In the 1970s, he started his solo career and released hit albums like “Off the Wall” and “Thriller.” “Thriller” became the best-selling album in history, making Michael a global superstar.

He was known for his unique dance moves, including the iconic moonwalk. Furthermore, his music and performances earned him the title of “King of Pop” and regarded him as one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century.

Throughout his career, Michael Jackson won numerous awards and influenced generations of musicians and dancers. Additionally, he used his fame to support various charities and advocate for humanitarian causes.

Sadly, Michael Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009, at the age of 50. Dr. Conrad Murray, his personal physician, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for administering the drugs that led to Michael’s death, which was said to be caused by acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication.

However, despite his untimely death, his music and legacy continue to inspire and entertain people worldwide. The world will forever remember him as one of the greatest entertainers in history.

Some Of His Notable Songs

Michael Jackson had many famous songs that people still love today. Some of his notable songs include:

  1. “Thriller” – The title track of his best-selling album with a famous music video.
  2. “Billie Jean” – A big hit with a catchy bassline and dance moves.
  3. “Beat It” – A song with a cool guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen.
  4. Smooth Criminal” – A song with a memorable chorus and a special dance move.
  5. “Black or White” – A powerful song about unity and harmony.
  6. “Man in the Mirror” – A thoughtful and soulful song about making positive changes.
  7. “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” – An enjoyable disco song that shows off Jackson’s voice.
  8. “Earth Song” – A meaningful song about the environment, with a beautiful music video.
  9. Bad” – The title track of his album, showing his confidence and style.
  10. The Way You Make Me Feel” – A romantic and heartfelt love song.
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The above listed songs are just a few examples of Michael Jackson’s amazing music, which continues to be loved and appreciated by people all over the world.

Some of His Notable Awards:

Michael Jackson received numerous notable awards throughout his career, recognizing his exceptional talent and contributions to the music industry. Some of his most notable awards include:

  1. 13 Grammy Awards: Including Album of the Year for “Thriller” and Record of the Year for “Beat It” and “Billie Jean.”
  2. 26 American Music Awards: Including Artist of the Century and the Award of Merit.
  3. 16 World Music Awards: Recognizing him as the Best-Selling Male Pop Artist of the Millennium.
  4. The Grammy Legend Award and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.
  5. Induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice: Once as a member of the Jackson 5 and then as a solo artist.
  6. The MTV Video Vanguard Award for his groundbreaking music videos.
  7. The Presidential Medal of Freedom, presented posthumously by President Barack Obama.

Michael Jackson received numerous awards in his impressive career which helped establish him as one of the most celebrated and influential artists of all time.

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